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Developer Portfolio Site for Bobby Ross, here you will find posts and projects on all my development interests from Javascript to Python to Go!

Grey MacBook

But its not just software, who doesn’t love new tech? Being honest, I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy! I own pretty much all of apples current product line and will more often than not do my development on a mac although recently I’ve been turning to my iPad more and more for everything other than long coding sessions. i find a mac/iMac and an iPad Pro to be the perfect combination for my preferred workflow and i plan to create some posts on how i use both to boost my productivity.

During Lockdown i decided i wanted to set some challenges for myself to stay busy, and one thing i had set as a 2020 goal for myself was to work towards completing my AWS Certifications. For context,i spend hours per day on AWS, and have done some for the past few years, so i am comfortable will a lot of the services we use, but my experience with the console is mainly self taught and I figured the exams would be a great way for me to learn more on best practices and also brush up on some of the newer services on offer. After spending some time studying which would be the best track to follow i decided to start with the developer associate exam as this is the most related to my day to day role. I do plan on completing the other associate level tracks but for now i will update on my progress.

I love to talk development and consider myself to be an approachable individual so if you have anything you think i might be able to help with or you have any interest in talking to me about a job or career advice feel free contact me on any of the platforms in the sidebar.