My Developer Setup

Thought it could be helpful to some people if i list my Developer/App Setup used for all personal/professional development

Desktop/Hardware Setup

Browser Extensions

  • 1Password - Password Manager i couldn’t live without (Desktop App Needed)


Editor Extension

  • Eslint
  • Prettier
  • import Cost
  • GQL One

Desktop Apps

  • Brave Browser - Privacy focused Browser Built on Chromium
  • DuckDuckGo - Privacy focused Search engine
  • Alfred - enhanced Spotlight search for mac
  • 1Password - Password Manager i couldn’t live without
  • Kitty - terminal emulator i started to use recently, super fast and very customisable
  • Dash - Documentation Browser - fantastic app which works great with Alfred
  • Proton VPN - privacy focused VPN
  • Proton Mail - secure encrypted mail service
  • WIFI Signal - enhanced wifi information i find really useful

Mobile Apps

  • Working Copy- IOS Git Client
  • IA Writer - Excellent Markdown Editor for IOS
  • Github App (Beta) - Still in Beta but I’m finding it really useful to view and merge PRs on GitHub’s mobile app
  • Blink Shell - Fantastic Terminal App for the IPad
  • Textastic - IOS app great for on to go code changes